Our vision

In Europe, StellaGroup ambitions to expand the scope of its expertise and to anchor itself as a leading worldwilde player.

Widening the scope of our expertise:

  • On the residential market our target is to enlarge our range of products and to become a leader on the sun protection market.
  • On the retail and industrial markets, StellaGroup intends to cover the breadth of French and foreign customer needs, with a focus on Europe market.

Anchoring the group internationally:

  • StellaGroup wide range of products, especially in retail and industrial products, will help to expand internationally.
  • As part of its development, StellaGroup also plans to develop partnerships, or even pursue external growth opportunities, in Europe and beyond.

Our strengths:

  • Among the shortest delivery time of the market.
  • Highly reputed made-to-measure quality products.
  • High performance industrial organization.
  • A best in class technical assistance to our customers.
  • Expertise in IOT and web control products.
  • Skilled and highly dedicated employees.

Biossun joins StellaGroup
Biossun joins StellaGroup

Biossun, the French leader of the pergola market joins StellaGroup

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