For additional comfort in your home, discover our range of roller shutters, venitian blinds and vertical screens

Roller shutters provide home-owners

  • A way to manage and adjust the sun light
  • An improved thermal insulation
  •  Better security against intrusion

StellaGroup offers four styles of shutters that cover all possible configurations from renovations to new constructions:

Roller shutters for renovation

Roller shutters for renovation projects are suitable for all types of architecture and types of frames. They are normally face fixed.

Traditional roller shutters

Traditional roller shutters are fitted into joinery casings or in the masonry (tunnel casings).

Frame assembly shutters

Frame assembly shutters integrate directly into the window; they address the industrial joiner market.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds, with their adjustable slats, are an ideal solution for the control of light and thermal insulation.

Vertical Screens

The customer demand for screens has been increasing over recent years. StellaGroup is well positionned on the European market, with a large range of products.