StellaGroup products are connected !

The connectivity of devices is becoming more popular in our homes. We strongly believe in the development of IOT products.


StellaGroup, involved into improving our day to day life, has the strong will to propose breakthrough solutions in order to connect its security equipments with the users.


StellaGroup allows you to control all the locks of the group’s products, and many others, from a smartphone

SmartHome, what are the benefits ?

  • To operate equipment at home or remotely
  • Schedule the operation of equipments according to scenarios. It can also simulate a presence at home and even control the energy consumption
  • Get to know at any time the state of a door or a shutter

StellaGroup offers a wide range of security products, compatible with most of the equipment available on the market.

TaHoma compatible

Compatibility via the installation of a dongle, using TaHoma V2

Tydom Ready

Compatibility via the installation of a dongle, using Tydom 1.0