The brand of Connectivity, Automation and Motorization developed by StellaGroup R&D For StellaGroup companies

Our dynamic motion solutions are designed for StellaGroup’s 3 product universes

Areas of expertise :

  • Identify current and future needs
  • R&D design
  • Controlled production – quality monitoring
  • Certification
  • Supply chain, approvals

Why Stella Advanced Technology?

Our ambitions

  • Helping StellaGroup companies to increase their competitiveness

  • Offer differenciated, ready-to-use solutions, coded in the factory

  • Using the most advanced technology

  • Develop practical and useful innovations

  • Be open to the majors in smarthome

  • Create a new reference brand in our market

22 years of experience

  • 15 motors
  • 10 remote control

Stella Advanced Technology, a proven brand

And connectivity partnerships

Stella Advanced Technology, a new brand among the biggest

Stella Advanced Technology, 4 ecosystems bringing together Motor + Remote Control + Connectivity solutions

Wired solutions

First generation radio solutions

Solar Solutions

Natively compatible radio solutions with smarthome leaders