Our window closure experts

Every day, the brand designs, manufactures and sells more than 1,200 roller shutters, sun blinds and rolling garage doors.

The company's enthusiastic and creative team of talented designers innovate and develop technical products for the brand that reduce energy loss and take advantage of free solar energy.

Profalux provides comfort, safety and security, and meets the highest quality standards..

Eveno specializes in supplying roller shutter, Venetian blinds and garage doors to wholesellers and industrial joiners. These products are designed for private homes and small apartment blocks.

The reputation of its expertise in the design of casings is acknowledged by the entire marketplace, especially tunnels and 1/2 lintels, all posting excellent thermal and structural performance levels.

The brand's day-to-day commitment to Research and Development means it can provide you with suitable solutions that are always optimised then certified by quality control tests carried out by independent testing and certification bodies.

Sofermi is a roller shutter specialist located near to Toulouse, FRANCE. The company’s offer and product lines are inspired by 7 capital thoughts : comfort, discretion, security, durability, harmony, serenity and sensitivity.

Through these seven intentions, the brand dedicates its experience to improving the quality of day-to-day life.

Since 1994, the company has built up a unique expertise in roller shutters working closely with the industry's major players and using the best equipment.

Sofermi addresses joiners, fitters, and installers in the South of France, and window manufacturers throughout France.

A modern, modular and reactive production equipment enables the company to design and manufacture personalised products for its clients that are guaranteed "high reliability ".

The company Flip, specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of roller shutters, garage doors and venetian blinds since 1947.

With more than 70 years of existence on the French market, Flip ensures a unique expertise and know-how.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the company DNA. With its 130 employees dedicated to success, Flip answers perfectly its customers’ expectations.

100% marketed through French installers and specialized distributing network to professional of the building sector ; all looking for innovation, quality, and competitivity.

Alulux is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of roller shutter systems, external venetian blinds, screens and garage door systems made of aluminium.


Our high-quality systems can be used in an array of applications: an easy retrofit option for homes, a clean and cost-effective solution when renovating or modernising. Ideal for new builds, helping to save energy and being as discreet or as prominent as the homeowner or renovator wants. Also available as an external venetian blind version or with SolidScreen zip systems.

DuoTherm is a full-range supplier for exterior sun shading systems. The company, which was initially founded as a sales agency in 1998, has been manufacturing made-to-measure PVC-top-mounted roller shutter boxes since 2000, as well as the Thermo NB, a top-mounted roller shutter box system especially for new buildings. In addition, front-mounted roller shutter boxes and zip window awnings are also produced. Besides window awnings, DuoTherm offers venetian-blinds and roller shutters made of PVC and aluminum.

Thanks to the in-house coating plant, profiles and plaster rails can be supplied in any available RAL colour. Above all, DuoTherm is characterized by finding suitable solutions together with the customer, even in difficult projects. The high service mentality of the 135 employees combined with high quality workmanship is what makes DuoTherm so successful.